Widened Slab Table

May 25, 2013




We bought the biggest slab we could find, then we decided we wanted it bigger…

The huge walnut flitch was just too impressive to split down the middle and add width where nature hadn’t.  Instead, we decided to add the mass we were looking for to the outside.  We left the contoured natural edges intact, created a specialized joint to follow the wavy line, and used a resin inlay to highlight the distinction between the added wood and our original live-edge slab.  The result is a uniform 10′-10″ x 3′-10″ dining table that showcases the cross section of a single tree within.

Leaving the large crack un-filled, while stabilizing it with steel butterfly keys, further highlights the nature of our original workpiece.  The steel finish of the keys complements the legs whose long, delicate curves are achieved by sandwiching a walnut core between two steel plates of the same profile.

Hopefully I get to return and get some additional detail photos of the piece.  At the time of delivery, the family was already showing up for dinner.  I had to let go and let the table do what it was created to do.


Instant Office

April 27, 2013


DSC_0039This leaning desk and shelving unit turns any wall into an office.  Solid walnut construction, two slim drawers.  90″ tall x 44″ wide x 26″ deep.  A matching flat-file/work table/rolling cart is in the works to complete the workspace of the graphic designer that inspired this design.

Walnut Storage Bed

March 23, 2013





DSC_0039This custom piece started with a client that had her eye on a bed with drawers from a big-box retailer that looked right, but didn’t quite work right for her.  I was able to offer solid walnut selected for its character and uniqueness, a handrubbed oil and wax finish,  a split and angled headboard, and a metal bumper rail above the drawers.  Tailored to work.

New Century Shelving System

October 10, 2012

Inspired by the mid-century classics, this walnut shelving system can be set up in many configurations.  Just pull the pegs, move the supports up or down and choose what components you want at what heights.  The package pictured here was designed as a media console, but the possibilites are endless.  Cabinets, desks, drawers, wardrobe hooks… If you can think of it, I can work it in!

Leaf Table

May 12, 2012

New York continues to inspire space centered designs.  With the leaf down, this trestle makes a perfect desk at 2’x5′.  Lift the leaf, slide the base over to support it and you have space to seat six around the 3’x5′ surface.

Clark Table

August 7, 2011

This table’s variations on traditional form make it subtly modern.  A single beam supports the length of the top rather than a traditional apron, and the diagonal taper of the legs lightens the piece while gently defying its farmhouse origins. It was born of NYC construction salvage: douglas fir floor joists milled to show fresh new faces.  Dark amber stain provides a big head start towards the fir’s natural color after decades of darkening.