Wide Plank Bed

October 20, 2012

This bed celebrates the simple beauty of a great batch of antique yellow pine.  The design focused on leaving the historic material unaltered wherever possible.  Each wide plank  is presented as an individual while they work together within the piece.  The size of the boards provides an excess of strength and stability, as well as a nice 12″ surface on the top of the headboard for a reading lamp, alarm clock and your favorite display pieces.

The wood is sanded smooth to the touch, but with a careful eye towards preserving the character and texture of its orignal rough sawn surfaces.  The structural deck of the bed is kept to a minimum at only 1.75″ thick, preserving 8″ of clearance underneath–space  we plan on filling with custom rolling bins for extra storage.   These features add up to an unfussy and casually beautiful centerpiece for any bedroom.


WILL bed and desk

March 26, 2010

Reclaimed, three-panel door used to create the desk legs:

Large, reclaimed two-panel door used to create the head and footboards:

The WILL bed and desk are designed to be grown up with, not outgrown.  Salvaged doors form the solid backbone of these pieces.  Orange accents add a touch of playfulness.  The hope is that twenty years from now, he will come home from college and still feel comfortable in his room.

eight panel

December 1, 2009

a damaged fir, eight-panel door moves from the salvage yard into this queen bed