Atlantic Shelving

October 23, 2011

Add storage and display space, check.  Accentuate the height of the room, check.   Maintain a free-hanging look, check. Integrate the television and media components, check.  Hide cords, check.   Come in on budget, check…

The Atlantic Shelving and Media System accomplishes all these goals through simplicity.  The materials are modest: blackened steel brackets and reclaimed douglas fir planking, and the forms are basic.  Careful attention to proportions and spacing allow an amazing amount of functionality to complete the room rather than clutter it.  The media cabinet is fit with a heavy duty, full extension shelf that allows easy access to the components’ cables while keeping the tangle out of sight.


Weathered Table and Benches

January 17, 2011

I came across a batch of perfectly weathered redwood decking, and immediately got to work on some new ideas for patio furniture.  Here you see the first pieces to come to fruition.  Both the benches and the table are left unfinished to showcase the years of work the wind and rain did on the wood, sculpting a gentle topography into its grain.

I’m looking forward to incorporating this outstanding material into new designs as well as letting it breath it’s life into some of my existing concepts.  Contact me if you’d like to bring some of it’s history and charm into your home or garden.

A-Frame Kitchen Island

November 9, 2010

Serious cooks need serious work space.  This narrow, counter-height piece expands prep space greatly without obstructing key paths of travel.  The red-brown surface is solid Sepetir, an Indonesian hardwood.  Sounds glamourous, but the species is widely used as flooring for semi-truck trailers, which is where the scraps used here served their first tour of duty.  The steel base is designed with a high support. and a wide stance for stability and enough clearance for stools from all angles.  The simple oil and wax finish is completely food safe.