Industry Shelving

March 3, 2012

Heavy duty shelving made of salvaged water tank cedar and blackened steel.  This design can be fabricated in just about any size and with your choice of wood.  The steel corner design would allow this piece to be even taller, wider and deeper than you see here without so much as a wobble.  Thanks to Evan the Intern (seen polishing above) for all his help over the past few weeks.


Trestle Table

December 7, 2010

A small apartment’s need of a sleek dining table is perfectly served by the glass topped Trestle table.  The glass was a lucky score from a local salvage yard and the base is constructed of salvaged old-growth douglas fir floor planks.

The piece is displayed here with  a refurbished, vintage Shaw Walker desk chair, and the heavy duty, extendable shelf system I put together using a cast off painters’ plank.

Montclair Table

October 10, 2010

Curved corners add a soft, playful touch to this table’s industrial weight. It breaks down easily into components with just a 3/4″ socket.  Assembled it every bit as solid as it looks. Salvaged douglass fir.  Mismatched, reclaimed steel hardware.

Chop Table

August 6, 2010

Good timing is always a welcome thing.  In this case, friends inquired about the feasibility of an affordable kitchen island with a chopping block top just days after I caught someone trying to throw away a chunk of old oak countertop. They said perfect.  I said let’s do this.

I added the drop leaf, expanding the work surface from 2’x3′ to 2’x4′ on demand, in order to use the entire slab of old countertop.  It’s extra tall because my friends are too. A food-safe mineral oil and beeswax blend, brings the oak to life without giving it that dated varnished oak sheen.  We kept it open underneath  to acommodate stools and expand the social potential of their small apartment when the cooking is complete.

A tight budget can go a long way when the timing is right.