Work Table and Benches

April 7, 2012



Practical, simple, clean, affordable.  Salvaged spruce.  Well considered proportions.


Scaffold Media Console

March 25, 2012

This media console houses components, hides cords, and anchors your flat screen.  It is constructed of weathered spruce scaffold planks, with a clean birch plywood interior, and easy-down door hardware by Sugatsune.  As pictured it is 72″ long x 20″ tall x 18 deep, with vintage brass handles.

Martin Table

January 19, 2012

We didn’t want the legs of this table to disappear under the large reclaimed wood top, nor did we want more obstruction to leg room than was necessary.  Instead of using steel bar or tube, we achieved  volume by designing with heavy gauge sheetmetal, bent and formed to a custom profile.  The result anchors the space without feeling too heavy. The top is made of floor joists salvaged from a renovation at my shop.


Ply Chairs

April 12, 2011

Much more than the sum of their parts, these sleek dining chairs are made entirely of discarded chunks of plywood.  Ragged and often flimsy pieces of common 3/4″ ply come together to create strong and incredibly light everyday chairs.  The wonderfully random palette of textures and colors are an added bonus that comes with the humble origins of the materials.  I’m looking forward to expanding this concept into a series, so check back for more.

20th and Alabama Table

December 31, 2010

This pile-o-junk was so neatly stacked, and so close to my shop I had to explore further.  I found 7 equal-length planks with all the nails already removed.  The downside: they were caked in black tar roofing membrane.  I loaded them up anyway.

After months of considering the best way to remove the black stuff, I decided it would be better to embrace it.  After scraping, smearing and smoothing the tar to my liking, I coated the planks with an exterior clear coat.  The result is an indoor-outdoor piece with a unique blackened finish… and a story.

Montclair Table

October 10, 2010

Curved corners add a soft, playful touch to this table’s industrial weight. It breaks down easily into components with just a 3/4″ socket.  Assembled it every bit as solid as it looks. Salvaged douglass fir.  Mismatched, reclaimed steel hardware.

Pop-Up Table

October 7, 2010

This street vendor inspired, collapsible table is just the right size to carry under one arm, so you can scoop up your merchandise with the other.  32×32 and 28 tall, made of salvaged, wide-plank douglass fir with just the right amount of wear.  To see the Pop-Up Table in person peak underneath the merchandise at Big Things pop-up events.