Wide Plank Bed

October 20, 2012

This bed celebrates the simple beauty of a great batch of antique yellow pine.  The design focused on leaving the historic material unaltered wherever possible.  Each wide plank  is presented as an individual while they work together within the piece.  The size of the boards provides an excess of strength and stability, as well as a nice 12″ surface on the top of the headboard for a reading lamp, alarm clock and your favorite display pieces.

The wood is sanded smooth to the touch, but with a careful eye towards preserving the character and texture of its orignal rough sawn surfaces.  The structural deck of the bed is kept to a minimum at only 1.75″ thick, preserving 8″ of clearance underneath–space  we plan on filling with custom rolling bins for extra storage.   These features add up to an unfussy and casually beautiful centerpiece for any bedroom.


New Century Shelving System

October 10, 2012

Inspired by the mid-century classics, this walnut shelving system can be set up in many configurations.  Just pull the pegs, move the supports up or down and choose what components you want at what heights.  The package pictured here was designed as a media console, but the possibilites are endless.  Cabinets, desks, drawers, wardrobe hooks… If you can think of it, I can work it in!

3 Piece Table

August 4, 2012

The antique yellow pine for this set was taken out of an industrial building being renovated near my shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  The design stemmed from request for a solid table without legroom interruptions, composed of as few pieces as possible. The equation was simple: ‘T’ shaped legs are a good way to keep a table’s understructure out of the way of knees… I only needed two of those, plus one beautiful top, adding up to the Three Piece table.

Claire Bed

July 25, 2012

Budget conscious and beautiful, this simple queen bed is done completely out of reclaimed spruce.  Like all REASON beds, it eliminates the need for a box spring, freeing up valuable space underneath for storage.  We are going to add four large rolling drawers under this one to take advantage of every square inch.

Ply Bar Stools

July 1, 2012

True to my original Ply Chairs, this set of stools was made out of bits of plywood saved from the scrap pile.  This time we added color on top of what was already there to create a custom distressed color block effect.  This was delivered as a mixed set, but matching color sets are also available.

When I produced the first Ply Chair out of found scraps in the spring of 2011, I new I was on to something.  I’m now exploring ways I can bring the beauty, efficiency, strength and practicality of the concept to a larger market.  The set of six chairs and dining table pictured above demonstrate what can be done with only three sheets of plywood.  Low waste production leaves little but the wind over the shop floor behind when a set is completed. Also pictured is the first counter-height stool. A bar-height version is yet to come, along with small accessory tables using the off-cuts from the production of the taller seats.

The material used here is yellow pine underlayment, designed for common construction applications.  It is manufactured close to home in the eastern United States of trees certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council to be sustainably harvested.  Going forward, almost any 3/4″ sheet stock can be used to produce these designs. No matter the material, modest beauty, sustainability and attainability  will be at the core of the product.

Leaf Table

May 12, 2012

New York continues to inspire space centered designs.  With the leaf down, this trestle makes a perfect desk at 2’x5′.  Lift the leaf, slide the base over to support it and you have space to seat six around the 3’x5′ surface.