Ply Bar Stools

July 1, 2012

True to my original Ply Chairs, this set of stools was made out of bits of plywood saved from the scrap pile.  This time we added color on top of what was already there to create a custom distressed color block effect.  This was delivered as a mixed set, but matching color sets are also available.


When I produced the first Ply Chair out of found scraps in the spring of 2011, I new I was on to something.  I’m now exploring ways I can bring the beauty, efficiency, strength and practicality of the concept to a larger market.  The set of six chairs and dining table pictured above demonstrate what can be done with only three sheets of plywood.  Low waste production leaves little but the wind over the shop floor behind when a set is completed. Also pictured is the first counter-height stool. A bar-height version is yet to come, along with small accessory tables using the off-cuts from the production of the taller seats.

The material used here is yellow pine underlayment, designed for common construction applications.  It is manufactured close to home in the eastern United States of trees certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council to be sustainably harvested.  Going forward, almost any 3/4″ sheet stock can be used to produce these designs. No matter the material, modest beauty, sustainability and attainability  will be at the core of the product.

Work Table and Benches

April 7, 2012



Practical, simple, clean, affordable.  Salvaged spruce.  Well considered proportions.

Much of the old growth douglas fir in this dining set is likely on it’s third life.  It was salvaged it from the remodel of a stately 1908 residence in Laurel Heights.  I noticed right away that the individual 3×4 boards had different blade patterns on their rough-sawn surfaces, suggesting that they originated came from multiple different lumber mills.

This peculiarity came up in a conversation with a craftsman quite a few years my senior.  He pointed out that after the 1906 earthquake builders often used material reclaimed from the wreckage, explaining why studs from a single wall would come from multiple different sources.

REASON is proud to follow in the footsteps of resourceful builders who invested the time to reuse this beautiful material.  As a 3rd Generation piece of San Francisco history these pieces are now poised to become the social center of a beautiful apartment in SOMA.

Ply Chairs

April 12, 2011

Much more than the sum of their parts, these sleek dining chairs are made entirely of discarded chunks of plywood.  Ragged and often flimsy pieces of common 3/4″ ply come together to create strong and incredibly light everyday chairs.  The wonderfully random palette of textures and colors are an added bonus that comes with the humble origins of the materials.  I’m looking forward to expanding this concept into a series, so check back for more.

Windfall Coffee Table

March 24, 2011

This claro walnut was harvested from a windfallen tree in Marin County.  The termites got to it before the sawyer though.  It was pretty far gone, but I’m not easily discouraged.  I filled the tunneling with resin and created a curved base to complement the slab’s gentle bend.

Weathered Table and Benches

January 17, 2011

I came across a batch of perfectly weathered redwood decking, and immediately got to work on some new ideas for patio furniture.  Here you see the first pieces to come to fruition.  Both the benches and the table are left unfinished to showcase the years of work the wind and rain did on the wood, sculpting a gentle topography into its grain.

I’m looking forward to incorporating this outstanding material into new designs as well as letting it breath it’s life into some of my existing concepts.  Contact me if you’d like to bring some of it’s history and charm into your home or garden.