Alina’s Chair

July 21, 2010

salvaged pine roof decking. semi-transparent white lacquer finish.

thanks to PARS/E for the typographic genius and Dave for the CNC help.

WILL bed and desk

March 26, 2010

Reclaimed, three-panel door used to create the desk legs:

Large, reclaimed two-panel door used to create the head and footboards:

The WILL bed and desk are designed to be grown up with, not outgrown.  Salvaged doors form the solid backbone of these pieces.  Orange accents add a touch of playfulness.  The hope is that twenty years from now, he will come home from college and still feel comfortable in his room.

eff bunk

December 19, 2009

This twin bunk consists of FSC certified 3/4″ maple ply legs, and salvaged douglas fir mattress decks.  It’s designed so that the lower mattress deck beams can be configured at different heights as shelves or even an 18″ deep desk surface.

Excited to get this piece to it’s new owners, I skipped my chance to take photos before delivery.  I love designing space saving solutions like this, but it’s often difficult to photograph them after installed because of the tight quarters.  This eff bunk is in a tiny 6×7 room shared by a two and five year old–hard to to get a nice wide shot.


December 14, 2009

A friend asked if I could help with a doll house as a Christmas gift for their two year old.  It works perfectly as a livestock barn too!