Weathered Cedar Bed

March 31, 2013


Weathered cedar reclaimed from historic NYC watertanks form a slim headboard and sturdy rails. Simple steel legs keep it feeling light.


Walnut Storage Bed

March 23, 2013





DSC_0039This custom piece started with a client that had her eye on a bed with drawers from a big-box retailer that looked right, but didn’t quite work right for her.  I was able to offer solid walnut selected for its character and uniqueness, a handrubbed oil and wax finish,  a split and angled headboard, and a metal bumper rail above the drawers.  Tailored to work.

Redwood Bin Bed

February 23, 2013





DSC_0002Who doesn’t need more storage?  The low profile structural deck of this bed allows huge rolling bins to park neatly below.  Shown here in a king size, there is practically an entire closet underneath.

The redwood is reclaimed from NYC water tanks.  A simple oil and wax finish shows off its beautiful natural red tones and the erratic black streaking gained from years of exposure  to the elements.  The bin pulls are custom made from salvaged leather strap and solid brass fasteners.

Wide Plank Bed

October 20, 2012

This bed celebrates the simple beauty of a great batch of antique yellow pine.  The design focused on leaving the historic material unaltered wherever possible.  Each wide plank  is presented as an individual while they work together within the piece.  The size of the boards provides an excess of strength and stability, as well as a nice 12″ surface on the top of the headboard for a reading lamp, alarm clock and your favorite display pieces.

The wood is sanded smooth to the touch, but with a careful eye towards preserving the character and texture of its orignal rough sawn surfaces.  The structural deck of the bed is kept to a minimum at only 1.75″ thick, preserving 8″ of clearance underneath–space  we plan on filling with custom rolling bins for extra storage.   These features add up to an unfussy and casually beautiful centerpiece for any bedroom.

Claire Bed

July 25, 2012

Budget conscious and beautiful, this simple queen bed is done completely out of reclaimed spruce.  Like all REASON beds, it eliminates the need for a box spring, freeing up valuable space underneath for storage.  We are going to add four large rolling drawers under this one to take advantage of every square inch.

Five Degree Platform Bed

October 29, 2011

This queen bed takes its name from the subtle angle in its headboard.  The design showcases exceptional reclaimed water tower redwood in its primary components. The support slats are milled from reclaimed spruce floor joists, and the simple legs are blackened steel.





Madison Bed

September 21, 2011

This bed was commissioned through the wedding registry of two close friends.  We joked from the beginning about what I would title the piece once it was time to publish it on  Their submissions swung from absurd to lewd as they made fun of my tendency to get a bit florid in my descriptions. Now, as I sit to write this, Madison Bed seems the obvious choice… and this one is for them:

The newlyweds are returning to their newly configured bedroom tonight from their wedding week in Madison, WI, where they met during our college years together so long ago.  Serendipitously, I’m just now remembering that my supplier of deconstructed water tower wood informed me that this batch of redwood came from the demolition of a tower on Madison Ave.  It was meant to be.

Like the couple, the bed combines the best of the Midwest and East Coast.  It is as stout and strong as Bucky Badger himself, but it is styled to cast a slim profile in its urban environs. A subtle bend in the headboard offers chic detail,  while unseen rear supports allow for comfortable, stable leaning.  The platform is composed of antique spruce slats, custom milled for the job, and the tall skirt conceals about half of their extra thick pillow-top mattress.  Double skid legs run the length of the structure, serving also as beams to form its strong spine.  And when the happy couple is ready to pack up and head back to the dairy state, the whole thing breaks down easily to be reassembled with just four bolts.

All the best you two!