Reason Ruch was my great uncle’s name.  He passed away before I was born, but my dad remembers him as a “extremely independent and self sufficient,” an excellent craftsman who could make wonderful things with very limited resources. I want REASON furniture design to mirror all these characteristics.

Having limited resources eliminates the option to be wasteful.  The inspiration I see in salvaged materials stems from an inherent aversion to waste.  For years in the construction industry, this instinct lead me to drag old materials home from job sites. Urban backyards and basements saw my own limited resources transformed into furnishings for the shabby apartments that I called home.


Increasingly, I couldn’t take my mind off furniture (This, I inherited from my mother’s side.).  REASON furniture design aims to make some of these inspirations reality.  I design simple, honest and useful forms that celebrate often modest materials, and favor natural finishes that need not be protected and preserved in order to endure.  To me, objects that show the wear of good use are often more beautiful than their virgin counterparts.


If you like what you see, I’m always interested in working on custom commissions with people who share some of my outlook.  While pursing new forms, whether independently or through collaborative commissions, I continue to arrive at designs worth duplicating.  Through the production of some of these ideas, I hope I can keep REASON accessible to the modest folks and lifestyles that inspire my work.

Jacob Ruch

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